Seven Steps To Give A Product a New look

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Rebranding of products is a necessary step to bring a product back to life in the marketplace. Because when a product stays too long in the market it become obsolete and as such consumers would get tired of such product. The only way to revive such product is to rebrand it, this is giving a new look to the product so that consumers will appreciate it the more. Rebranding a product is one of the most effective way or strategy of marketing a product especially in a competitive environment. We shall highlight seven tips you considers here.

  1. Bring your stakeholders on board; and tell them the reason you think the product need to be rebranded. The idea must be confirmed from the market place, via the attitudes of consumers.
  2. You must devise a plan to rebrand; this plan could be a short term, medium term and long term plan. You must ensure that your rebranding plan must bring positive outcome to the product.
  3. You must determine why a rebranding effort is needed. There are might be so many reasons why a product or company can be rebranded. Usually it is for repositioning of the brand to the next level.
  4. Do your research; before you think of product rebrand you must carry out an elaborate research exercise, which entails seeking the views of the consumers on the current brand. Research is very important, as this would help the product or company sells the new brand. If not properly researched before the new brand it can be a decision in the wrong direction.
  5. You must implement the brand changes; it is very important you implement the brand changes so that you will not lose your customers. The customers should be able to know your new brand, and this must be implemented without delay.
  6. You must implement your plan, at this point you just have to implement your plan, for maximum delivery. Your plan of rebranding should not just be a mere wish, but a reality. This comes at the point of implementation, and must be done correctly.
  7. You must promote your vision; any brand that does not carry the vision of the product will soon collapse. Your vision must be the driving force of every brand. The brand must take into consideration what you are giving to the public and what they stand to benefit from it. This is what will motivate the consumers to go for the new brand product.

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