5 Secrets of Promoting Your Products to the Right Audience


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Products promotions are usually the job of the marketers. And there are many different tools they use to do this. Promotion is one of the most important aspects of marketing. It is known as the visible display of the products, with the elements of advertisements, poster etc. promotion is what actually make the public knows about the company or organization. Hence there are various tools put in place by companies and organization to promote their businesses.

  1. Publicity; this is known as the talking arm of public relation. This is one of the major functions of almost all organization an individual products or services. Through publicity the products or organization reach out to a large number of people, publicity actually sells fast as diverse mean are use to carry out their functions.
  2. Public relation; this tool of marketing or promotion evaluate the public attitudes towards the product or the company, it looks at change in policies and procedures and the public reaction to these changes. The major functions of the public relation is to get responses from the general public as it affects the products and services in question to earn public understanding so as to enhances a better execution of program. There in essence a good public relation program has three step of action. He must listen to the public through market research, via stories, questionnaire, radio and TV program. Many tend to overlook the importance of public relation, but in actual fact it is the greatest sources of promoting and targeting the right audience.
  3. Advertising; this usually paid communication through the various media to draw people’s attention to the product or organization. It is one of the most widely use medium of showcasing products and organization to the public. But it is cost effective and very effective in giving results.
  4. Personal selling; this aspect of promoting business or product to the right audience is face to face with the target audience. It is described as helping others to their needs as the products are delivered to the audience. It gives room to one on one contact with customers. One of the greatest advantages of personal selling is that customers can ask questions directly and also pay for the goods without any stress.
  5. Sale promotion; this style of promotion are use to promote the products and services. They are usually put into place on a short time bases to achieve customers attention and needs. The cost of such promotion must be well controlled and small business must ensure that results are worthwhile for the periods. Sales promotion is known as one of the most effective, because it creates instant demand for the products and services.

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