Waste materials as the name implies are materials that are no longer useful. Hence they are waste materials.  But these waste materials can actually be recycled for another use. The recycling of these waste materials has become a business that most people are taking advantage of and making a living from them. When you go around the locality you see young men with trucks picking them from dumps sites and around where people live. In fact this has become rainy business that one can start without capital. We shall highlight only five of these waste materials that can make you a fortune especially in this period of recession. There are a number ways these waste materials can be useful, we shall highlight five waste materials that can make you rich. Many people who have discovered this are using it to their advantage.

  1. Waste Can drinks; star, malt, stout, coke, guilder etc; these empty waste cans are recycled and use for other purposes. You can get these in refuse dumps sites or party grounds. They are not difficult to get at all. At the market point where drinks are sold. A kilo go for about N150.
  2. Iron materials; these includes waste can food materials like tin tomatoes, milk cans, and materials from mechanic workshops, anything iron is in high demand. These materials can be found around the refuse dump sites. They are also sold in kilos as a kilo of this go for about N200 to N250.
  3. Plastic waste; these includes waste plastic chairs, bowls, buckets, anything plastic. A kilo of these go for about N250 to N300. You can also get these materials at the refuse dump sites. There are young boys who are already doing this all you need is discuss with them and create a dump where you will be doing your transaction.
  4. Waste cellophane materials; these includes the popular pure water waste and other cellophane materials. They are recycled as well for other use. A kilo of this goes for about N250 to N300. You can get these materials from the sachet water factory and refuse dumps sites. All you need to do is get them and process them by washing them before sale.
  5. Aluminum materials; this materials are also recycled for other use. Anything having aluminum coating has this material in it. You can get these materials from refuse dump sites and mechanic workshops. A kilo of this goes for about N300 to N350.

Most people may see these as a dirty business but you can always get your hand glove on and also wear your nose mask before entry the dumpsites and carry out your work for the day. It is very lucrative as most people are making a leaving from it. It is a business you can start with no capital or little capital investment. The payment is instant as the buyers are ready to pay as soon as the kilos are confirmed.

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