Investment in the stock market most likely does not have the right time or bad time. Anytime you are investing is the right time. But this question has been asked several times by potential investor often times. It all depends on the direction in which you are directing your investment. Most people spend years asking this same question. To really understand investment techniques and to be successful you need a lot of time and experience.

It is very clear that investment in the stock market takes experience to  really get to understand it; like the saying” experience is the best teacher” it takes experience to understand the technique of trading in the stock markets. Though there are step you need to follow as a newbie in the business. We shall expose them to you now.

  1. You must open an account with a brokerage firm. This account is almost like the way you open your bank account. When you identify a broker ensure that your broker is qualify in the business of brokerage. The broker would ask question about you, trying to know your details. In this process of documentation you are free to ask questions for clarifications.
  2. You must confirm with them the type of services you want them to offer you. There are full services brokers and discount brokers. If you are new investor a full service brokerage will be good for you so as to get the necessary education you need to succeed. At any point in time you can ask questions. Is is also very important for you to know that not all brokers are good in the market. That is why you need to do good research in choosing a good one. You need to do a proper selection of broker who have good track record of profitable investment in the market. You should be able to find out their capacity in terms of trainings and their investment portfolios. You should find out their investment methodology.
  3. If you opt for a discount brokerage, you would seek for the one with lowest commission; ensure their charges are considerable enough. You must also find out about the stability of the brokerage firm.
  4. At the beginning of your journey into stock investment I will suggest you go for cash account. Later you can upgrade to margin account which can entitle you to a loan from the firm for trading.
  5. You must Endeavour to keep track of your trading activities as often as you can. It is advisable you subscribe to a professional chart analyst it would be of help.
  6. As a new investor you should avoid being a speculative investor, it might be too risky for you, you may not have the emotional strength to withstand the market fluctuations. The market volatility makes it very risky for a new newbie to be speculative.
  7. Always invest in stocks that have strong fundamental value to grow. Stocks that demand oriented, this would help you get a good a return at the end of the day.
  8. The number of stocks you buy at the beginning is not relevant, the most important thing is does the stock has a strong fundamentals base on the management background and the value.
  9. Always buy stock that is not overvalued, but still have potential to make good returns in the market.
  10. The amount you start with is also very important you should make a good preparation for your investment capital. This can be discussed with your broker. He will be able to guide you base on what you have available invest.

Stock investment is one of the best and easy way to create wealth for yourself but don’t go into it without proper research, for knowledge is the gate way of making a star.

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