People generally feel that, to start a business you must save some good money or have a fat bank account. But the truth is that one can start a business without money or little capital commitment. There are certain steps you need to take at the beginning. we shall show you step by step procedures you need to take to arrive there.

The first thing you do is to choose the business you want to do. Do a survey by finding out who else might be interested in that business. When you find one enter into a partnership with that individual you are good to go. That individual may be glad to bring the entire some of money to start with.

Another way is to locate someone who has establish such business and ask for a reseller right, that is right to sell the product, you enter an agreement with producer of the product you now become the reseller of the product without having to pay or pay part of the cost of such products.

For you to successfully start a business without capital, you need to enter into partnership with someone who will be willing to do so. Partnership will help you to withstand the challenges of early stage of business especially when you lack startup capital.

As a beginner in any business is also necessary you have more than one product in mind so as to make more impact.

This privilege of doing business without capital comes with a price, you pay a price of personality, it does not work with anybody and for you to enjoy it,you must possess the following qualities;

  1. Honesty; you must be honest in your dealing to be able to win the heart of any entrepreneur who will be willing part away his or her to you for a business.
  2. Dignity; you must possess the quality of dignity people should take you for your word and be able to tell them the truth at all time.
  3. Trust; this is the watch word of any successful business; people doing business should have some level of trust among them. This price you need to pay to move on.
  4. Discipline; you need to be discipline for you to enjoy this partnership. Don’t spend your capital on personal issues business is business.
  5. Self- control; as a businessman you should have self- control, and avoid certain things that can cause altercation.

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1 Comment

  1. akinnola dele

    April 18, 2017 at 6:20 pm

    Nice one, sir. Keep it up…

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