It is generally accepted that there is nothing new under the sun, neither is anyone an island.

The economic hardship and recession that is faced by the world today is not new. In biblical days we heard of famine in the land of Egypt and in Goshen the people were living in abundance. That means in the time of famine God has always exempted His people.

The agenda of God for his people during hard times is exemption. His own children were always exempted that was the case of the children of Isreal, when there was famine in the land of Egypt the children of Isreal were living in abundance.

There are certain covenant steps that guarantees this business breakthrough, as it was in days of old. This step guarantees your exemption in your business breakthrough.

  1. Covenant of seedtime and harvest: Everyone who is committed to the covenant of seedtime and harvest will surely be exempted from any form of business failure (Gen.8:22.) The bible recorded that and Noah reared an altar of sacrifice and God smell it and swore by Himself that as the earth remained seedtime and harvest shall not cease. Covenant is an unbreakable agreement with God. Our commitment to the covenant is what guarantees our reward. The bible also said in (Deut.8:18)But thou shall remember the lord thy God: it is: he that giveth thee power to get wealth that he may establish his covenant which he swore unto thy fathers, as it is this day. A covenant is a strong bond that you must be ready to play your part for God to play His own part. It is a covenant of seed time and harvest.
  2. Our financial commitment to the church is not our donation to help God or the church; it is simply a spiritual transaction with God to open up our business (Mal.3:10) bring in all the tithes and offerings and I will open the windows of heaven and pour you a blessing paraphrased. Our seed is not a donation to the ministry or the pastor, it is our spiritual transactions. You sow your seed physically and you receive your blessings spiritually. (Mal.3:10.)

We must understand that we are not permitted to suffer what the world suffers as a result of the covenant with God. We are exempted to enjoy abundance in our businesses; hence we are entitled to business breakthrough.

Therefore, the key to business breakthrough and overcoming hard times is the covenant of seedtime and harvest. Business breakthrough is not only using the right principles of managing a business you must also apply covenant sense for you to succeed.

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