Business breakthrough is not achieved by knowledge through training and better planning alone. There are covenant steps that makes it work according to the Bible. We shall highlight some covenant steps that can guarantee your success as a business man.

  1. Tithing; tithing is the supernatural requirement to obtain blessings from God in the time of hardship. (Mal.3:10) when you pay your tithe it unlock your blessings supernaturally. It enable your business to experience an over flowing grace that prevents the devourer from coming near your business. The mystery of tithing is what guarantees the heaven over your business to be opened. It destroys every force holding your blessings. This is the key to your blessings.
  2. Worship offering; according to scripture it says honour the lord with your substance, it means your substance which equally come from God should be used to honour Him. It guarantees the sustenance of the blessings you receive in your business. Do not appear before God empty always honour Him with a seed in your hand.
  3. Honour your Parents; this commandment from God (Eph.6:2) your parents deserve honour from you, for this is the first commandment of promise. Anyone who follows this instruction would always enjoy business breakthrough.

You should note that any seed you sow should be done willingly and not grudgingly, for it to attract blessing.

God is the only way we can experience business breakthrough. When you play your part God will surely play His own part. The part you need to play is sow a seed and the reward will come in measures.

What are the blessings you receive?

The blessings you receive from God through your covenant obedient are;

  1. Rain of divine ideas; when you obey this covenant, God rain Divine ideas on you that would later culminate into physical blessings. We see the story of Solomon, God gave Solomon wisdom that made him the greatest king in his time. Through Divine ideas your business can experience supernaturally to be global reckoning. This is because the outpouring of the spirit of God is the outpouring of blessings. We can draw a clue from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. These three patriarch, received Divine ideas from God and they became great, it was said that Abraham blessings are uncountable; Isaac became the first irrigation farmer in the world, while Jacob was the first animal husbandry farmer in the world.

Obedience to Divine instruction is the covenant key to business breakthrough.

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