Time they say is money; it is good to use our time profitably. The fullness of life can be enjoyed by adding value to time. Certain questions comes to mind when discussing time for instance; why should I mange time? What is the benefit of time management? Etc.

What is time? Time can be defined as the hour of the time. It can also be defined as the passage of days; years, events etc. time is the passage of days; which implies that time passes, it does not return what has been spent, that makes it very important if you want to experience success in your business.

What is time management? Time management helps you to stay on top of your activities. Managing your time defines the success of your Endeavour’s in life. Time management is simply a set of principles, practices, skills, tools and system that help you use your time profitable in your venture.

Benefit of time management

Time management is beneficial to your personal success in career and businesss. It makes you to know how to manage your time profitably and make the most of it.

  1. Time is a special abstract resource that you can’t store or save for later use; it is a passive phenomenon. you cannot retrieve a wasted time.
  2. Most times, you feel, you have so much to do, but no enough time. People lay blame on lack of time their inability to succeed. Wise time management can help find the time the time for what you desire and what you need to do.
  3. You need to make use of the time you have to achieve what you want in life, if you wait for extra time to appear you are wasting your time. Proper time management will help you create the time you need. By planning your time wisely you have time to do more things.
  4. Time management will help you set up priority and meet them.
  5. Time is limited to 24hrs a day, so plan your life wisely.
  6. Time management helps you make conscious choices so you can spend more of your time doing things that are important and valuable to you.
  7. You can learn to find the time for the things that are important to you. Even small amount of time once a day or even once a week will take you closer to your goals. Time is precious.
  8. Proper use of time make you productive, accomplishing more with less effort and time. Time management can help you reduce wasted time and energy to be more creative and productive and enable you does the right thing at the right time, which will in turn lead to fulfillment in life.
  9. There are so much distractions in life today, time management will help you avoid this things that will distract you like watching of movies, phones football matches etc. and participate only in things that will add value to your time in life.
  10. Time put in front of everyone different choices; the will you follow the things you see or your plan? You need to put your will power to work and self discipline to achieve your goal in life.

Finally, time is scares resource that need to be valued, use judiciously in order to have a profitable venture and good success in life. We should spend our time in doing things that are right and not wasting it for irrelevant things.

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