Financial freedom  is not just having plenty of money. It is much more than that; it is the ability to be who you want to be in life. When you are financially free you play the role of philanthropist to everyone you find your way. Though the journey to financial freedom is ongoing, and the challenges you encounter in your life are part of the learning process to your financial freedom.

What is financial freedom? Financial freedom is much more than having money. It is living out who you want to be in life. But people lose sight of this by putting other first in their scheme of things, thereby playing many different roles such as parents, spouse, employee, friends and more.

If you really want to experience financial freedom you need to become a different person than you are today and let go of whatever has heed you back in the past. Financial freedom is growth process that involves improved and gaining spiritual emotional strength to become the most powerful, happy and successful person you really want to be. Financial freedom is not about you having money as mentioned earlier; there should be control and power and ability to withstand anything that comes your way in the journey of life. When you are financially free you are no longer hidden you become a subject of the news and reference, you are totally debt free, there is no form of financial burden anymore.

What are the steps to financial freedom?

Let me share four steps on your journey to financial freedom. You must put into considerations this four steps to arrive who you really want to be in life financially.

1.Your Foundation: it is said that a building with a faulty foundation is bound to collapse. It is important we consider the foundation in which we are born. Most persons came out from strong foundation in which they start their journey into financial freedom. Some start from the integrity, prudence and hard work built already by their family. For this set of people be grateful to God. But if not, then, it’s still within your power to cultivate those qualities now. This is because; it will form the foundation in which financial success lies. Your foundation must be rooted in patience, integrity, prudence and hard work. Personal decision that will give you long term rewards must require some level of sacrifice today. Patience will help you to live with the reality that true success will usually require short term discomfort.

2.A good career choice

A wise choice of career in life is one of the most important steps to financial freedom. You need to choose a career that you love if you want to be great in life. You must pay a good attention to your career. That is why it is necessary to ask question like does your career give you joy? Are you passionate about it? Do you derive joy doing it? If you answer yes then, you need to develop yourself in that career but if you answer NO then you need to have a re- think of your career.

A career choice that can take you to your realm of financial freedom must be borne out of your inner passion and love.

3. Learn to manage money

You may have good foundation, choose a good career but if you lack money management culture it will be disastrous.    You might have a high paying career that you love, unless you live less than what you make it won’t put you anywhere close to financial freedom. If your earnings cannot handle your expensive cars, houses and you’re affluent as your neighbor, you could wind up worse off financially. No matter how much you make, you must work on your savings and budgeting and spend money on things that are relevant only. Learn to cut cost on things that are not needed, you must learn to invest your money, in fact you need a financial mentor to help you.

4. Keep your plan        

Have a schedule on your life activities. Don’t over work yourself; be sure to take one day at a time. Cultivate patience as key step to greatness; you will need it for the long stretches. Don’t abuse the aim of your quest to financial freedom. Don’t sacrifice the present for the future. It won’t turn out as planned anyway. Make time for your love ones they need you too, and engage in meaningful activities, even if you must work longer in the end. Do everything with prudence you will surely get there. 


Financial freedom is not a child play, it is tasking and requires the four steps posited above, I therefore enjoin us to be more proactive in the way we handle life affairs as we shall always meet our goal in life if properly followed. Financial freedom is the goal everyone will like to achieve in life, a situation where there is no more lack and wants debt free and can have good health care services. 

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